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Zappi EV Charger Electric Vehicle Charger

EV Chargers 
Prices Starting from £1015

At 180° Electrical Ltd, we make EV charger installation easy and hassle-free. Our team of experts will assess your needs, provide recommendations, and install the charger with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Contact us today via our contact page below, or by calling 0161 241 276 to learn more about our EV charger solutions and how they can benefit you or your business.


Experience the myenergi zappi charger—a game-changer for electric vehicle owners. Enjoy smart charging capabilities to save on energy bills, harness renewable energy like solar power, and accommodate various vehicle models. Its sleek design adds style to functionality. Upgrade to zappi for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective charging.


Elevate your electric vehicle experience with the Wallbox charger. Seamlessly stylish and smart, it optimizes energy usage, saves on bills, and supports various vehicle models. Upgrade to Wallbox for convenience, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


Looking for an electric vehicle charging solution that's both stylish and modern? Look no further than the Andersen EV charger. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into any space while offering smart charging features to optimize energy usage and reduce costs. Compatible with a variety of electric vehicles, it provides versatility and convenience. Upgrade to Andersen for a chic, efficient, and sustainable charging solution.


On a budget but still want a reliable electric vehicle charging solution? Consider the Rolec EV charger. Despite its affordability, this charger doesn't compromise on quality. Its robust design ensures durability, while smart charging features help optimize energy usage and reduce costs. Compatible with various electric vehicles, it offers versatility and convenience without breaking the bank. Upgrade to Rolec for an efficient and cost-effective charging solution that won't disappoint.


Looking for the perfect charger for your Tesla vehicle? Look no further than the Tesla charger itself. Designed specifically for Tesla models, this charger offers seamless compatibility and optimal performance. With sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, it's more than just a charger—it's a statement piece for your home or workplace. Experience the convenience of fast charging and smart features tailored to your Tesla's needs. Upgrade to the Tesla charger for the ultimate charging experience, designed by Tesla, for Tesla.


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